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This site was last updated on:      Thursday, 26 January 2023

KO Wk 2



Minutes of HDQL meeting: 1st December 2022



1. Teams present: WHAR  H&HA  H&HB  COMM

2. Apologies for absence: TTTI

3. Minutes of previous meeting (AGM):  APPROVED

4. Disputes: NONE

5. Draw for all rounds of the KO Shield: SEE BELOW

6. Date, Time & Venue of Next Meeting: 16/2/2023, @ HHA @21.00

7. A.O.B.  NONE



Draw for all rounds of the Knockout Shield & question setters:


Preliminary:  H&HA v COMM … TTTI to set the questions.


SF1:  TTTI v WHAR     SF2:  H&HB v PRE WINNERS  … Prelim losers to set questions.


FINAL:  WIN SF2 v WIN SF1   …  SF1 losers to set questions


NB:  question setters were drawn along with fixtures.