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 AGM Minutes 15th September 2022.

Teams present: WHAR, COMM, FURN, H&HA, H&HB, TTTI

Apologies for absence: None.

Minutes of the previous meeting:  Approved.

League future: (subsequent items dependent) – Agreed to proceed with 5 teams.  Keeping the same format for questions. The BYE team to set that week’s questions.

Election of officers:  Secretary, Treasurer & Chairperson: All 3 re-elected.

Teams in the league for the 2022-2023 season: All except FURN.

Rule changes: Amendments, additions & deletions: Teams to play each other 3 times. All other competitions to be played as before.  The KO tournament to be played on 3 consecutive weeks. (proposed SH, sec. ML – carried 8 to 1)

Question-setter(s) for forthcoming season:  See item 4.

Treasurer’s Report: The league ended last season with a small positive balance. The new league structure requires less in subs. Subs this year to be £25 ( proposed CB, sec.AM – carried 8 to 0, 4 abst.)

The new season start inc. opening night venue & question-setter: New season start on 13th Oct, opening night @ COMM with Colin setting the questions. Quiz week one 20th Oct.

AOB: None.

Date & Time of the next meeting: 1st December, venue Hare & Hounds.