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HC Week 1

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Minutes of Meeting 5th May 2022


Teams present: All teams present

Apologies for absence: n/a

Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted

Disputes: None

Draw for all rounds of the Handicap Cup: see below

Future of the HDQL & possible alternatives: A lengthy discussion took place around various alternative formats.  The point emerged that the teams DID wish to continue in some form (9:1 in favour).  As a result, it was decided to have an AGM in September when a definitive decision would be made.

Venues & Q setters for Pairs, Closing night & SGMT: Pairs @ H&H (downstairs) 7.30 start– Matthew (H&HB) setting Qs. Closing night @ H&H (upstairs) – either Steve (WHAR) or Ann (FURN) setting Qs.  SGMT – Ian (FURN) setting Qs, venue TBC

A.O.B. None

Date & Time of Next meeting: AGM, 8pm 15th September, WHARNCLIFFE


Handicap cup draw:


R1;  (A) COMM v H&HA   (B)  H&HB v TTTI


R2; (SF1) WIN A v WHAR  (SF2)  FURN v WIN B